Dark Web: How to Access? | Beginner’s Guide to Anonymous and Secure Browsing

(For educational purposes only we do not promote the use of the Dark Web)

Introduction to the dark web

The dark web is a mysterious world where anonymity rules and unlawful behavior thrives. It is a website network that is not search engine indexed and must be visited via specialized software. This article will educate you on the basics of the dark web, including how it works and what kinds of websites and activities you may find there. You will also learn about the tools and tactics that can be used to safely and securely surf the dark web.

dark web


Anonymity is the ability to use the internet without revealing your identity using tools such as VPN and Tor.

Encrypted Network

An encrypted network employs encryption techniques to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data sent over it.

Encrypted network

Encryption in Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and the most popular Dogecoin are modern digital currencies that use encryption to secure transactions and control the creation of new cryptocurrency units. On the dark web, cryptocurrency is frequently used to facilitate illegal activities.

Blockchain and Dark web

Blockchain is a distributed ledger system used to store and verify transactions. It is the foundation of cryptocurrency and is frequently used on the dark web for secure and anonymous transactions.


These are a few essential terminology and topics that you will come across throughout this article. By applying these techniques, you will be better equipped to surf the dark web safely and securely.

How The Dark Web Works

Tor, which stands for The Onion Router, is the technology that powers the dark web. Tor was created by the US Navy to secure government communications and is now open source and free to use.

The Union Router (Tor)

Tor is based on the onion routing technique, allowing users to visit websites without revealing their identity, IP address, or physical location. When a user visits a dark web website, their request is encrypted and routed through a series of relays, each of which adds another layer of encryption; this multi-layer encryption gives the Tor its union-like structure. Each relay only knows the identity of the relay from which it received the request and the relay to which it needs to make the request, making tracing user behavior back to their physical location almost impossible. In addition to offering anonymity to the user.

Onion Router

Hidden Services in Tor

Tor also grants access to hidden services, such as websites only accessible via the Tor network. Because their URLs end in (.onion), search engines do not index them.

Surface Web and Dark Web


The surface web, also known as the clear web, is a portion of the internet that can be accessed via standard web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox and is search engine indexed. It includes publicly accessible news websites, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and online shopping sites like Amazon. The surface web is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser, whereas the dark web, as previously stated, requires specialized software such as the Tor browser.

Web accessibilty


On the surface web, users are typically required to provide personal information such as their name and email address to create accounts and make purchases. On the dark web, however, anonymity is a priority, and users can browse and make purchases without revealing their true identity.

Content on the dark web

The dark web’s content differs greatly from that of the surface web; whereas the surface web contains both legal and illicit information, the dark web is primarily associated with criminal activities such as drug sales, weapon trafficking, and child exploitation.

Surface web
Popular Dark Web Sites

(For educational purposes only we do not promote the use of the Dark Web)
It is crucial to remember that many dark web websites are unlawful and should not be accessed or used; nevertheless, there are respectable websites on the dark web that prioritize privacy and anonymity.

Hidden Wiki
One of the most well-known dark web websites, Hidden Wiki, is a directory of websites that can be accessed via the Tor network, or a list of all dark web websites. The Hidden Wiki includes links to websites, some of which are legal and others that are used for illegal activity.

hidden wiki

Silk Road
Silk Road was a dark web marketplace that the FBI shut down in 2013 for illegal operations, although similar marketplaces have appeared subsequently. It was used to purchase and sell illegal drugs, firearms, and other contraband.

Silk road

Secure Drop
Journalists and whistleblowers use Secure Drop to secure and submit sensitive information.

Secure Drop

The dark web contains a variety of websites, some of which are legal and some are not. When exploring the dark web, it is critical to exercise caution and prioritize safety and privacy.

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